The Pol-RGB SPAD camera

pol rgb chip
The Metahelios proprietary Pol-RGB imaging technology leverages the first ultrafast SPAD camera for imaging both in color and polarization. This metasurface-enhanced sensor can operate at a maximum speed of 100,000 frames per second, all-the-while sensing both polarization and color of light, thereby dramatically boosting the information collected per pixel.

We expand the possibilities in scientific research where previously only one polarization could be imaged at a time. For the first time full polarization and color information can be collected for every single frame. In addition with single photon sensitivity, this camera will in particular create enormous advantages for imaging in ultra-low-light conditions.


Resolution 512×512
Color Filtering 470nm (B), 550nm (G), 640nm (R)
Polarization 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°/ DoLP (polarization)degree, θ)/DoP (ellipticity, ɸ)
Pixel Size 16μm
Maximum fps 100,000
Minimum exposure time 6ns
Peak QE @520nm 50%
PER -14 to -17 dB


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