nanostructured unit cell

Our nanotechnological approach consists in manufacturing optimized​ features into extremely thin layers of material and integrating them ​onto camera sensors. Effectively, these nanostructured devices, namely​ metasurfaces, enhance a camera’s ability to detect far beyond what​ has currently been achieved.​

Our groundbreaking technology creates numerous opportunities for ​a myriad of applications.​


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Satellite imaging

  • Enhanced spectropolarimetry for remote sensing in low-light conditions​
  • Improved imaging, identification and monitoring of greenhouse gases​
  • Material characterization capabilities​
  • High resolution imaging of aerosol dynamics


  • Material classification​
  • Enhanced surveillance in low-light conditions​
  • Dehazing​
  • Camouflage detection


PMiT is the most versatile pixel filter array (FA) technology due to 1) its capacity to filter beyond color and ​2) its unique ability to be tailored through artificially engineered resonances for creating limitless ​possibilities. In this way, PMiTs will leverage imaging and sensing solutions where none can be developed. ​

At the moment, the scope of our products is only scratching the surface

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