Metahelios is a company that develops leading-edge cameras. Our cameras uniquely enhance imaging capabilities through our pioneering pixel metasurface-integrated technology (PMiT). Leveraged by PMiT, our camera product lines are made of modules that creates opportunities for a broad range of pivotal industries. Our first product line features a spectropolarimetric single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) camera module. 

The Pol-RGB SPAD camera is tailored specifically for cancer research/early diagnosis, satellite remote sensing, defense and scientific research. First to commercialize spectropolarimetric SPAD cameras, they feature single-photon sensitivity, 100,000 frames per second, and full polarization and color reconstruction in a single frame. Exceptionally, unlike other spectropolarimetric imaging ‘systems’, this camera features no moving parts and exceeds currently available spectropolarimetric cameras with seven times the polarization extinction ratio and a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in low-levels of light. 

This camera is a first of its kind and will undoubtedly yield extraordinary results. Our team at Metahelios welcome any questions and of course any requests for pricings. For a limited time only, our first 3 cameras are 15% off.